First News from the Background Committee

Mitraspera e. V.’s background committee was developed based on the Mythodea Team’s many years of experience. We aim to learn from the positive as well as negative experiences from that time, and we see Mitraspera e. V. as an opportunity to improve on many things. However, the background committee in Mitraspera e. V. will perform tasks and duties that are quite different from the ones of the former Mythodea Team committee (“Gremium” in German). We are currently working on a code of practice on how we understand our future tasks and in which we will present those in a transparent manner. We hope to be able to publish this Code later this September.

Much valid feedback and criticism has reached us over the last few weeks concerning this topic, especially saying that the name suggested that things would be the “same as always”. We can empathise very well with that sentiment. So we unanimously decided to support our members’ initiative to come up with suggestions for a new name in order to propose a name change of the background committee at the next general meeting.