We are happy that you have found our page and want to know more about Mitraspera e.V. What  makes us even more happy are all those that want to come along as active participants. So you are invited to join if you’d like to.  

Becoming a member

To request membership for Mitraspera e.V. please send a filled out form [Link englischer Mitgliedsantrag] to the board (you can find the contact information in the linked form) Soon after, you will hear back from us with the next steps.

Membership-fee is 10 € per year for active members and 5€ per year for sponsoring members. 

You can find the “Satzung” (statutes), the “Geschäftsordnung” (bylaws) and the regulations of “Team Hintergrund” (team lore and mechanics) listed below. 


Unfortunately, we cannot offer a certified legal English translation of our statues. The German “Verein” (associations) and their “Vereinsrecht” (association law) are very unique legal entities and exact equivalents in countries with English as their official language do not exist. This is why any translation would be only an approximation of the German original. We do not want to make the impression that a translation provided by us is a legal document, so we choose to only offer the German originals without a translation. However, we are happy to answer any questions you might have concerning these documents.

How can you get involved?

You are or have been an author, content creator, organiser, artist or artisan ( list not complete) involved with the world of mitraspera? Or maybe you want to become involved in the work of Mitraspera e.V. in the future?

As an active member you will have voting rights at our general meeting and you can be voted into a position of “Team Hintergrund” (team lore and mechanics) and become a member of the board.   

You can also actively shape the association due to its democratic nature – not only concerning current issues but also when decisions about the future of the world of Mitraspera are made.

Are you a past or current author? If so, as a member you can put your content under the Mitraspera e.V. umbrella and where it will live on according to your wishes.

You created content as an author, but aren’t doing creative work anymore – yet you still  want that your creations live on in the world of Mitraspera and remain available to the community? And a membership in our association is of interest to you?

In that case you can become a sponsoring member of the Mitraspera e.V.! With this membership you can get involved with everything that happens within the association, work actively with other members, and get access to all provided information – without any necessity or any obligation to actively participate in the association’s activities.

You simply like the goals and plans of the Mitraspera e.V. and want to support us?

Wow, thank you! It would be really great if you become a part of the Mitraspera e.V, either as a sponsoring or an active member. It is your decision whether you simply want to silently contribute a solidary fee or actively participate in one of our workgroups or even fill one of the official positions of the association.

You created content as an author, but aren’t doing creative work anymore – yet still you want that your creations live on in the world of Mitraspera and remain available to the community? A membership in our association is not necessary to do so.

You are welcome to entrust the Mitraspera e.V. with the rights to use your content and creations, so that we can take over the care and development of your content, without any necessity to get further involved with the association. Simply get into contact with “Team Background” (team lore and mechanics).