Welcome to Mitraspera e.V.,

a community for people who love the world of Mitraspera and actively shape it or who have contributed to it in the past. We are united by the common wish that this world can continue to exist and be played in for a long time!

The world of Mitraspera consists of thousands of pages of lore, settings, plots, stories, ingame texts, concepts, ideas, and other material. Content that was created both with the support of Live Adventure and by countless creative authors, organizers,  game masters, and fellow players.

The world of Mitraspera has long ceased to be a product of individuals, but evolved into a joint creative project that has developed for almost 20 years. We want this project to continue to be used and passed on by the community.

Mitraspera e. V., as a non-profit association, is committed to ensuring that all the content of the world of Mitraspera that has been created so far is still available to everyone without restrictions and non-bureaucratically for non-commercial use. We also want to create a transparent and communal framework for maintaining and developing the game world without breaking its core logic.

On the following pages you will find …

  • – what defines the association,
  • – who we are,
  • – how to participate or get involved,

… and of course how we deal with content, lore and mechanics.

We wish you a lot of fun with the common ideas & visions,
Kathrin, Fabian and Christian
for Mitraspera e. V.