Association Purpose

Mitraspera e.V.’s goals and vision can be summed up with the following seven principles. They were established in our regulations of “Team Hintergrund” through our new strategic focus, determined during our general meeting on December 13th, 2020.

Anna Stillleben

The seven principles of Mitraspera e.v.

MaxE Stillleben1

Our aim is to safeguard the common background, the world of Mitraspera, which has grown organically over the course of almost two decades through the dedication and hard work of so many creative people. We want to foster and continue to develop it without losing its core logics. This includes using the background for new projects, for example successive settings.

We want to ensure that all content within the world of Mitraspera is free for non-commercial use to everyone, especially organisers of events, without limitations and with as little bureaucracy as possible. Using and further developing the background for their own projects must be as simple as possible and legally secure.

Over almost twenty years, the world of Mitraspera has long surpassed the sum of its parts and has grown into a creative communal project. Mitraspera e.V. wants to preserve the world as a community project that can and should only be managed by a community. 

We want the experiences and knowledge of content creators to be a vital part of the future development of the world. With this wealth of expertise we will support you in using existing concepts and in seamlessly adding new content to the world of Mitraspera. Eventually we want to enable you to competently add to and handle the existing content by yourself. The core concepts of the world need to be set down and treated respectfully to facilitate a consistent IG experience. 

The association Mitraspera e.V. is open for everybody. The association acts transparently – both internally and externally-, respectfully and according to a directly democratic principle.

The Mitraspera e.V. association has no financial interests in any aspect of the Mitraspera game world. Everyone involved works as a volunteer, motivated by their personal connection to the game world and to preserve its rich and deep lore for coming generations of larpers.

Commercial use of the content for Live Role-Playing events or other products requires legally secure agreements with the individual content creators. The Mitraspera e.V. does not grant commercial rights of use.