What Coming Home Feels Like

by Daniel Simons

Since I took my leave from the team of authors and game facilitators in 2018, my life has changed a lot. Now I am a father of two kids and LARPing only plays a tiny role in my life. But there is one thing I was missing sorely right away and this is where Mitraspera left a gaping hole in my heart: What I was missing wasn’t necessarily the creative work, the colourful stories and “our” opus. It was the fact that Mitraspera had always been such an awe-inspiring community project. It was the people who joined together every year to do something amazing. Of course, some of them had become my friends and I was still in touch with them, but to many others, contact was reduced to a bare minimum.

A few years back, during my active time in the team still, the idea of an association to curate all the creative work was already floating around. Back then, nothing came of it for whatever reasons. When Christian approached me a few weeks ago and told me of his plans for Mitraspera e. V., I felt like I had just completely lost touch with the topic and asked for some time to think.

But then it just came back, that fever that is Mitraspera. A few phone calls to old friends, a short video call and there I was, burning again. This feeling of working on such a project with people that you love is just amazing.

The fact that we, with all our shared experience and knowledge, would set out to help Mitraspera make its next step as a true community-project of the many didn’t give me a choice. Now I am back, in Mitraspera, among my best friends. And I am so happy to meet so many other old friends again and to welcome as many fresh faces as possible into our world and to hear all the exciting new stories.