Team Hintergrund (THG) - team lore and mechanics

The “Team Hintergrund” – short “THG” – (team lore and mechanics) is there for everyone who wants to play in and with the world of Mythodea. You can find competent assistance for your projects and you will get access to all the content within the association.

The THG is an official organ of the Mitraspera e.V. and can have up to seven members. In contrast to the board, which is administrating and representing the association, the focus of the THG is content.  Five of the team’s members are elected by the board and the general meeting, two additional members result from their adjunct workgroups and their respective heads.The last election of the THG was held during the general meeting on the 13th of December 2020.

“Team Hintergrund” assists the coordination of contents, content creators, and events. It connects all accompanying processes and involved people. Another one of their tasks is to catalogue, manage and publicly provide all contents and creations that the association was trusted with.

To fulfill their various tasks, the THG is aided by the association and its members. All workgroups who are dealing with issues related to contents, lore, mechanics, and generally the world of Mitraspera are working closely with the THG.

The team is advocating for a Mythodea-wide “round table” – a meeting point where the THG, campaign organisers, “VBs” (…), and other parties can come together as equals, have a regular exchange of views concerning the world of Mitraspera, and coordinate their projects and contents. How this round table will work in detail is up to everyone involved and not yet settled on.

For us, the most important task of the TGH is to ensure that all content of the world of Mitraspera is provided for free and non-bureaucratically to the public and that non-commercial use is possible without any restrictions. This is why the team is working jointly with the association’s members to process the content of the world of Mitraspera and make it available for free.

So if you need access to the content that was gathered by the association for any reason – your own event, an ingame text, a plot, to create pictures or art, to name a few – “Team Hintergrund” is the right place to contact!

Simply contact one of the team’s members or write us an e-Mail via our contact form.

The tasks, goals, competences and other information concerning the “Team Hintergrund” (team lore and mechanics) are defined in their regulations. You can find the complete regulations of the “Team Hintergrund” here (only available in German).

We are looking forward to working with you!