Founding an Association -
A Look at the Mechanics

by Franziska Huber

As I am writing these words, publication of the homepage of “Mitraspera e. V.” is 24 hours away. A hundred things are happening at the same time. Phone calls are being made, texts are being created, commented on, and proofread. It looks like we will actually be able to pull off a lot of the things we had set out to do, but it seems to be an impossible task at the same time. From the initial idea of the association to the point of launching the website and making it real, only a few weeks have passed. Those weeks were spent convincing people of the idea, conceptualising, finding a “modus operandi”, and clarifying what the association was supposed to be and do, exactly.

The sheer drive, eagerness to argue, and love for the shared project that made all those involved work around the clock is staggering. And when I am writing “around the clock”, it is no understatement: There were times when Kathrin, who currently lives and works in the U.S., finished writing a text in the small (German) hours and was joined a few minutes later by those of us here, woken early by their little kids, who would proofread what she had worked on. We are all continuously blown away by the great chemistry of the group, the feeling of working together on the bigger picture as a “family of Mitraspera”, with passion, positive energy, and lots of love – just like we used to.

Over the course of two weeks, we produced 49 documents, communicated in 12 different Discord channels, spoke on the phone to over 30 people, covered a distance of over 2000 km, held eight audio and three video conferences. And now we are live.
Mitraspera e. V.